Preparing our students for the rigor of college and life ahead is one of our top priorities at Hoosac School. In order to guarantee that our students are well equipped to complete upper level college coursework, we have specifically designed a mandatory class called Research Skills. Each student must complete this course in order to graduate.

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Many of the top universities and colleges use JSTOR to gain access to first, second, and third tier scholarly journal articles. We are pleased to announce that our subscription to JSTOR is made readily available to every Hoosac student and faculty member. Coupled with the abundant curriculum taught in Research Skills, we are certain that our students will be writing and citing essays effectively and ethically throughout their high school and college education alike.

Through a portfolio based course load, this class will prepare the college bound student for a realistic research simulation that would be found in the everyday university/college curriculum. The student will learn how to properly find information through online journals, newspapers, blogs, books and other forms of literature. The student will learn the ability to properly cite, reference, annotate and document information found from said pieces.

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