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  • Gerardo Ayes

    Gerardo Ayes

    Faculty: Physics, Geometry, Linear Algebra
  • Sam Bakaitis

    Sam Bakaitis

    Faculty: ELL
  • Alicja  Bialasiewicz

    Alicja Bialasiewicz

    Director of Health
  • Mark Buckholtz

    Mark Buckholtz

    Faculty: Early American History, Modern European History, Psychology
  • Ricardo Canto Pereira

    Ricardo Canto Pereira

    Associate Director of Athletics & Admission, Director of Tennis
  • Aidan Daft

    Aidan Daft

    Faculty: Literary Genres, AP Literature & Composition, AP US History, Director of Music
  • Janice DelRosario

    Janice DelRosario

    Assistant to the Headmaster & Assistant to the Director of Admission
    (518) 686-7331 x301
  • Sam DeMello

    Sam DeMello

    Director of Soccer
  • Emily Durst

    Emily Durst

    Director of TESOL
  • Dean Foster

    Dean S. Foster

    (518) 686-7331 x305
  • Patty Gibbons

    Patty Gibbons

    (518) 686-7331 x302
  • Michelle Gocio

    Michelle Gocio

    Director of STEAM Initiative | Faculty: AP Biology, Honors Chemistry, Fiber Arts
  • Ryan Grant

    Ryan J. Grant

    Director of Admission & Communications
    (518) 686-7331 x308
  • John Harniman

    John Harniman

    Director of College Counseling & Residential Life
  • Campbell Higle

    Campbell Higle

    Faculty: History
  • Josh Hoff

    Josh Hoff

    Head Boys Varsity Hockey Coach
  • Sherri Klein

    Sherri Klein

    Director of Advancement
    (518) 686-7331 x313
  • Nancy LaPorte

    Nancy LaPorte

    Development Associate | Director of Alumni Affairs
    (518) 686-7331 x303
  • Christina Martin

    Christina Martin

  • Peggy McLenithan

    Peggy McLenithan

    Director of SUCCESS
  • Haley Puckhaber

    Haley Puckhaber

    Faculty: Environmental Science, Physical Science, Anatomy & Physiology
  • Taylor Purvis

    Taylor Purvis

    Faculty: American History, World History, Girls Hockey Coach
  • Paul Reif

    Paul Reif

    Faculty: History, Lacrosse Coach
  • Kevin Robichaud

    Kevin Robichaud

    Dean of Students | Faculty: Honors Precalculus, AP Calculus BC, Finance
    (518) 686-7331 x316
  • Michael Ryan

    Michael Ryan

    Director of Athletics
    (518) 686-7331 x317
  • Claudia Stulz

    Claudia Stulz

    Dean of Academics | Faculty: Geometry, Integrated Math, Precalculus
    (518) 686-7331 x309
  • Emily Sussman

    Emily Sussman

    Faculty: Art
  • Spencer  Sussman

    Spencer Sussman

    Director of Art
  • Ross Thomson

    Ross Thomson

    Assistant to the Dean of Students
  • Christopher Uhl

    Christopher Uhl

    Faculty: American Lit, Modern US History & Government, British Lit | Director of Boar's Head & Yule Log
  • Junkai Wang

    Junkai Wang

    International Director of Admissions
  • Bill Ward

    Bill Ward

    Faculty: Math, Director of Hockey | Head Girls Hockey Coach
  • Kathy Weaver

    Kathy Weaver

    Chief Financial Officer
    (518) 686-7731 x310
  • Brett Welsh

    Brett Welsh

    Assistant Boys Varsity Hockey Coach
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