At Hoosac School, we strive to be one of the best private boarding schools in the United States. Hoosac School recognizes the importance of new and challenging academic courses. In addition to the core curriculum offered, we yearly introduce new, and often specialized, courses.

In an effort to create an individualized academic experience for each student, independent programs of study are also designed in several fields, ensuring a thorough and unique college-preparatory education for each of our students. Hoosac’s variety of course offerings reflect not only the individual areas of concentration and interest among the faculty, but also our belief that the larger implications and truths addressed in a particular course are not limited solely to a particular field. At Hoosac, the ideas introduced in any given course elucidate ideas and questions in other, often seemingly unrelated, courses. In designing our curriculum, we strive to impart to students the basic truth that questions and ideas are not confined to the conventional boundaries of a particular field of study. The study of Mathematics makes us better writers, art makes us better mathematicians, and philosophy makes us better artists.