Our approach to the study of English is threefold. Our curriculum seeks to develop the student’s ability to think, speak, and write through the practices of critical reading and literary analysis, discussion and public speaking, and various modes of writing.

Students are placed in English courses that best serve their academic and intellectual needs based on diagnostic writing samples as well as a meticulous assessment of the student’s reading and writing experience to date. Because we tailor our teaching to the specific needs and strengths of the individual student, the English classroom at Hoosac is often a place where the less confident student first overcomes the belief that she or he cannot learn to write. Yet, it is that same commitment to individual attention that often allows the more advanced student to begin to overcome persistent obstacles in the development of her or his writing.

Outside of the classroom as well, the English Department is a vital and active part of academic and creative life at Hoosac, regularly organizing events such as the school-wide oratory contest, essay contests, and student-faculty creative writing workshops. The English program at Hoosac also twice yearly oversees the production of a student literary magazine, guides our student-run Peer Writing Assistance Program, and hosts regular guest speakers and guest led workshops. In addition to our work within Hoosac, membership in various professional organizations has allowed us a greater presence in the larger academic community, opportunities for professional development in our field and a means of staying informed of current issues in college preparatory English education.