Social life revolves around ten dormitories located throughout the Hoosac campus. Roughly three-fourths of our students have a roommate; the rest live in singles or triples. First year students are assigned to dorms on the basis of their age, grade level and gender.

Returning students often get to live in the dorm of their choice. Each dorm is home to one or more faculty members. Student government at Hoosac involves a small group of student leaders, known as Prefects. Assisting the faculty in day to day governance of the school, the Prefect also helps maintain order in the dorms with the assistance of at least one Proctor. All students participate in periodic dorm cleanups. Every student also performs a daily “workjob,” for which assignments change every week. Students are given enough free time to pursue activities of personal interest. They are also given duties that teach the value of teamwork and discipline. Typical assignments include classroom, auditorium and gym cleanup, as well as dining hall duties like setting tables and working in the kitchen as a dishwasher. The “workjob” program promotes responsibility and a strong work ethic.

Hoosac has classes six days a week, which enables us to have three-week Christmas and Spring vacations as well as five-day breaks known as "long weekends" in the middle of each trimester. On weekdays, academics will dominate your schedule.

However, ample time is set aside on weekends for fun and relaxation. On Saturday afternoons, students not involved in interscholastic sports can watch the games, become involved in one of many clubs, enjoy dorm life, or participate in off-campus activities such as trips to Bennington, Williamstown, Manchester, or the Crossgates Mall in Albany. Students who remain on campus can enjoy many activities, from pizza or ice cream parties at a faculty member’s open house, to movies in the auditorium, as well as use of the school’s gymnasium and pool.

Sunday is a day of rest. In consideration of those who want to sleep in, absolute quiet is maintained throughout the dorms. Those who wish to attend local religious services are accommodated. A Sunday brunch is served from 10:30a.m. until noon. Sunday afternoons may involve a trip to a cultural event, going to a local movie theater, or other group activities.

The school’s regular schedule resumes on Sunday with dinner starting at 6:00p.m.

Extracurricular activities are designed to meet the varied interests of the School's diverse student body. Students take the initiative in publishing a yearbook, a newspaper, and a literary magazine. They stage plays and choral events and plan outings, dances and the prom, and other activities, often ones geared towards community service and fundraising.

Hoosac varsity teams compete against other independent schools in the region in tennis, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, basketball, volleyball, baseball and cross country. Skiing, flag football, swimming, ultimate frisbee, skating, snowboarding, and bicycling are all offered as recreational and intramural sports.

On weekends, students attend dances at Hoosac as well as at other schools. Lectures, concerts, plays, skiing at nearby slopes, ice skating, movies, shopping, and excursions to nearby amusement parks and historical sites are other popular activities.

Hoosac's rich tradition of bringing in the Elizabethan Boar's Head and Yule Log at Christmas is the single oldest among independent schools in the country. Other special events on the school calendar include Parents Weekend, Bleeze Banquet, ASADO Day and Prize Day & Commencement.