International Sports Academy is the premiere sports academy in the capital region for student-athletes pursuing the NCAA.

Hoosac School competes in the most competitive high school athletic league in the country, the New England Prep School Athletic Council (NEPSAC). With that in mind, our athletic programs are based on the notion that to get to the collegiate level every team member must not only be great at their sport, but an excellent student as well.  Our academic program is geared to help our students gain not only knowledge, but a passion for learning that rivals their passion for athletics. 

Hoosac graduates take pride in superior SAT scores and excellent GPA’s.  This combination of talent and intellect has led to over thirty Division-I offers in the last two years. Recent graduates include Pavle Djurisic '19 (Austin Peay), Goran Miladinovic '19 (Marshall), Marko Sarenac '19 (Marshall), and Maks Klanjscek '19 (Kansas City). Commitments for next season include Vukasin Masic '20 (Hofstra), Veljko Ilic '20 (Loyola) and Milos Ilic '20 (Loyola).

In order to maximize training opportunities many of our players work with the International Sports Academy (ISA) for basketball, soccer, tennis and hockey specific training.  This intense program provides a level of dedication that few students have access to. Student athletes reside in ISA’s dormitory complete with a basketball court and weight room just yards away from their dorm rooms.  All educational programs are conducted at Hoosac while the bulk of the training takes place year round at ISA.