At Hoosac School we break down visual art disciplines into three separate courses: 2-D, which covers drawing, painting, printmaking, and mixed media; 3-D which covers sculpture, model making, mold making, casting, and ceramics; and 4-D, which covers digital media, photography, film and design.

All three areas of study are based on foundation courses received in higher education to expose young growing minds to the various techniques used in creating visual art. Students gain familiarity with the creative process through perception and investigation of the world around them. Our students learn from direct observation which is explored in all mediums.

Art is for people of all ages, backgrounds, and skills. At Hoosac, we believe that the study of art plays a crucial role in education and self growth. Students are encouraged to have fun exploring new ideas, and developing their creative minds through visual art and critical thinking.


Hoosac School's two dimensional classes explore many different skills and techniques used to visualize and communicate ideas onto a flat surface. Our students learn that drawing is a core tool used to develop one's thoughts. We learn to understand the forms and structures in the world we live in through the use of composition, perspective, proportion and color. Our students work from life, imagination, and a combination of both to achieve an understanding of different media and how to investigate one’s ideas.


Sample of student 3-D artwork

In our three dimensional classes our students develop an understanding of volume, structure, form, scale, and process. Students learn basic techniques in modeling clay, relief carving, mold making, and model making. This course is designed to explore materials and technical processes in sculpture.


Sample of student 4-D artwork

Our four dimension class introduces students to digital media including digital photography, video, and design. Students learn basic editing of video with Adobe Premiere Pro and photography with Adobe Photoshop. In class we combine the use of many other disciplines with technology and how it can be used as a tool to help capture, alter, refine, abstract, and grow one's ideas.