Each year, Hoosac hosts its annual STEAM Fair, an integrated exposition of science, technology, art, engineering and math.

STEAM, a derivation of STEM, differs in the addition of the art category in order to highlight the art of science. Every year, more than 100 Hoosac students demonstrate their commitment to both creative and scientific excellence through the entry of innovative projects, such as those highlighted below.

First Place Winners

Science: Selin Oncul '19 created photosynthesis in a test tube utilizing electric current and plant materials.

Technology: Alper Kilci '20 designed and created a new video game, "Lilith" featuring a novel plot and 3D graphics, utilizing the existing Unreal Engine and applying the C++ language through Visual Studio.

Engineering: Bauer Ward '21 designed and built a homemade Zamboni, the "Zambauer," for cleaning the ice on Tibbits pond, making the pond a safer place to skate.

Art: Tie between two visual representations: 1) "Where We Come From," a photographic exploration of the past, present and future of three students; Jerry Duckett '20, A.J. Enwereji '20 and Cliff Pollard '19 and 2) "The Solar Powered Scarf" by Sophie Gocio '20 who integrated data from the solar panel project into the design and production of a knit infinity scarf.