The study of history can be said to offer a culture two distinct ways of seeing: a window, giving the student a view of the past, and a mirror, presenting a reflection of a personal/national/global identity formed and informed by an understanding of the past. This duality of perspective constitutes the core philosophy of Hoosac's History Department.

The student of history at Hoosac is exposed to this dual perspective across the range of courses offered by Dr. Mark Buckholtz (Former Yale University Professor) and the History Department. The exploration of history through readings, research, lectures, projects, and trips is directly linked to the examination of the world today through ongoing discussions of current global events, social movements and political trends. The international character of Hoosac's classrooms affords a variety of perspectives that add resonance to and expand the understanding of history as it affects the various regions, cultures and personal interests of each inhabitant of this planet.