Become a member of the elite varsity tennis program at Hoosac School.

As a tennis player at his young age, Hoosac's head coach Ricardo Canto Pereira was one of the best youth Tennis players in Brazil. After participating in the Orange Bowl International Tennis Championships, Pereira received a full scholarship at Concordia College, New York. As a student-athlete, Pereira graduated in Business Administration and Mathematics and was the number one single and double tennis player at his college for four years. In addition, he was the number one tennis player on the east coast and number five in the college rankings, becoming an All-Star American Tennis Player. Due to his professional experience, Pereira stayed connected to tennis and coordinated some distinguished tennis programs: Sociedade Harmonia de Tenis and Tenis Clube de Sao Caetano in Brazil, and Bronxville Field Club and Orienta Beach Club in the United States. Later, Pereira completed his Postgraduate Education in Marketing at Fundacao Getulio Vargas and finalized the process to get his Brazilian Physical Trainer work permission (CREF). As a coach, Pereira worked with some of the greatest Brazilian tennis players, such as: Thomaz Bellucci (27 ATP), Leonardo Kirche, Caio Zampieri, Tiago Lopes and many others. During this period, he worked at all the Grand Slams and at all the famous ATPWTA tournaments in the world.

Mr. Pereira's proudest experience and greatest honor was when he was invited to be the Brazilian Davis Cup captain against Venezuela.